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Love myself

Today, I had Kokoroyajuku-Open Counseling.  Open Counseling is for a donation.There were 5 people in the counseling.They had their own themes to talk,and today, I thought, the underlying theme of the whole counseling was"LOVE YOURSELF".There are many people who can't love themselves.I was one of them.I may still be one of them.Today I thoughtTo love myself completely is to love myself unconditionally.And I wonderedhow many of us can love ourselves unconditionally.I learned colour therapy and I learned the word "unconditional love".And I witnessed the unconditional love occasionallyfor children or spouses.It's rare to see those who love themselves unconditionally.People, including me, tend to love some parts of ourselves.For example, I like me who can win the game.orI like me who drives a big car.orI like me who controls the situation completely.AndI don't like me who can't get full score in the exam.or I don't like me who are fat.or I don't  like me who don't have many friends.It is like judging us by ourselves.Many years ago,I tired not to judge myselfbecause someone said to me, "Do not judge yourself" to love myself.At that time,when I noticed that I judged myself,I thought "Oh, I did again" and felt terrible."Do not judge" caused another judgement.So, today I thought Love myself unconditionally is similar to "not to judge myself"but totally different.If I focus on "Do not judge", I may try to stop some of my habits or behavior.It is like I am saying thatcertain behavior or habits are good and others are bad.And it is judgement.Judgement continues endlessly.If I focus on the "unconditional" elements,no matter what I do, I am loved,I am good .Even if I can't get perfect in the exam,I am OK.Even if I am fat, I am OK.Even if I can't control the situation, I am OK.To say OK to everything is not easy because we have criteria for good or badwhich related to the judgement.However, If we become more forgiving for ourselves,we might be able to love ourselves unconditionally,and may be able to have fun happy lives.In order to love yourself, to be more forgiving and generous for yourself may be the key.

Where is your passion?

I traveled with Terrie Symons who channels Ashtar for 2 weeks, this summer.I interpreted her/his words.When I interpret,I am just a TUBE to change English into Japanese,or Japanese to English.And, I usually don't rememberwhat I interpreted.However, since I repeat same phrasesmany times,some of the words which Ashtar saidstruck my heart.Where is your passion?What makes you happy?I am a counselor,and I sometimes ask the same questions to my clients.Many of my clients say"I don't know""I have no idea."" I don't know what I like to do."or"I thought I liked 〇〇, but  these days, I don't like it any more.""I liked ○○, but I don't want to do it any more."ANDthey want to know how to find their "like" s.I personally think  thatit takes while to find what you really like,because I did some experiments to find what I like.I used to wonder what I like.Many people told me to do what I likewhen I had difficult time.I didn't know what I like.I spent most of my time for my work,for my mother and father.I liked English, so I became an English teacher,but I didn't like working in a big system,and I was tired of working which includes English.If you are not sure what you like,it needs time to gain the feeling that you like something.If you are not sure what you like,your sense of "like" is you need rehabilitation.My first experiment was for 1 month.I decided to choose what I like to eat.Ramen, hamburger, cake, ice cream,potato chips, etc.Whatever I wanted to eat, I picked upfor each meal, or for snacks.Then about a week later,I noticed that the food I chose was not always what I liked.I mean,when I chose, I thought " Oh! I like it."butwhen I ate it, I felt unsatisfied, dessapointed.I was not happy.I started to notice that I chose what I like to eat based on my knowledge and experience.For example,Last time, when I was tired, Udon was really delicious.I am tired now, so I like to choose Udon.Chocolate cake looks good, butapples have more vitamins.So, I like to eat apples.Then, gradually, I started to feelhow I feel when I eat what I like to eat.What I like to eat strongly depends on my condition of the day.So, it means,if  I liked cheese very much one day,I didn't like cheese at all next day.However, by doing that experiment,I could learn how I reactedwhen I had something I like.This experiment was really interesting.If you are not sure what you like,do some experiment.Try anything you want to do.Then you can find outwhat you like, and dislike.And you will know how you feelwhen you find something you like.