Money is nothing but money, but...

These days I found an interesting fact about me.

In Kokoroya Reset Counseling,

Mr.Jinnosuke Kokoroya says 

Money = Love.

It means Money represents how much love you receive

from others and yourself.

And he also says that

you decide how much money you receive.

At first it was really difficult to understand for me.

Love = Money?

Money is just Money.

How can it be equal to Love?

Then I became a Kokoroya Reset Counselor and 

start to face my problems around me.

One day, I faced my fear about losing money.

Why is it so scary to spent money on what I need?

Why do I feel uneasy whenever I pay money?

Why do I feel uncomfortable to receive money

even when I earn it?

Money is just a paper.

Money is just money.

But when I start to dig down my fear,

an interesting fact came out.

For me, 

money represent TRUST,

trust from others,

and my trust for myself.

For me,

Money = TRUST,

so when I pay money,

I feel that the amount of trust from others are gone.

When I get money,

I feel that I shouldn't receive it

because I believed that I am not trustworthy.

Losing money means losing my trust from others.

Getting money means the heavy burden for me.

Money is just money 

but I attached different meaning to it.


how money and love could be equal?

If I love myself, 

I would be able to trust myself.

I would forgive whatever I did or whoever I was.

Money can represent Love of yourself or from others.

How much money you can receive can show

how much you forgive yourself.

It's interesting.

Kokoroya Reset Counselor, AIKO's Notes

I'm a counselor, and English teacher and an interpreter. This is my blog as a Kokoroya Reset Counselor, and also as one of the people who want to know how to have a happy life and freedom.