Try to say...

"Try to say 'I am sorry', before anyone else."

This is today's card for me.

we sometimes miss a chance to say sorry, or thank you.

Just because we are looking for a right timing,

we reluctant to say "thank you" or "sorry".

For example,

My friends were waiting for me to go to see a movie,

and I couldn't be there on time.

I missed the chance to say sorry 

because everyone started to walk.

I missed that chance to say sorry.

I planned to have a potluck party with my friends.

I noticed that I forgot to invite one of my friend on that day,

 but I ignored it.

I didn't do it on purpose, just forgot ...

I felt sorry, but I didn't say sorry.

If others point out that you are not saying sorry,

you may feel that you are accused, 

and may start to argue you didn't do anything to be accused of.

Try to say sorry before anyone else,

because you are not doing anything wrong. 

It the message for me.

Kokoroya Reset Counselor, AIKO's Notes

I'm a counselor, and English teacher and an interpreter. This is my blog as a Kokoroya Reset Counselor, and also as one of the people who want to know how to have a happy life and freedom.