My name means...

In Japan, parents name their children, hoping their lifelong happiness.

My parents did, too.

They named me あいこ(A - i - ko ).

They decided to use Kanji, Chinese character, 愛子.

愛 means "love" and 子 means "child".

They hoped me to be loved by everyone.

Last week, 

I found an interesting information in a book.

Each sound of Japanese Hiragana has meaning.

あ(A) means "Love".

い (i ) means "Light".

こ (ko) means "Complete".

So, my first name means that

I am a person to complete Love and Light in this world.


I checked my last name, and 

each sound has meaning, such as

"burst" "action" and "universe".

Is it like,

I burst into the universe by taking action.....


It is a bit difficult to interpret my last name, 

but it is quite interesting.

In Chinese character, 

my last name means "Half a rice field",

so, I prefer "burst into the universe etc.".

The writer of the book also said,

" Your name is  a prayer 

  which came to you from your beloved ones.

  It's a mantra which brings you happiness.

 Thank you, mother, for giving birth to me."

A name is just a name.

But it turned out to be a quite interesting object for me.

If I were not in this world,

I wouldn't have a chance to know these interesting things.

Thanks, mom.



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