It cost you....

It cost you your courage

 to stop being sulky.

I was not sure what it means.

So, I checked Zin-san's blog.


People get angry


You loved my sister more than you love me, mom.

You didn't pay attention to me, dad.

You ignored me.


So, You are in the sulks.

You are angry because they don't love you as much as you do.

You are angry because they ignore your love.

You are angry because you want them to accept your love.

Care about me!

Respect me!

Pay attention to me!

Understand me!

I feel I'm lonely.

It's scary and embarrassing 

to tell them the truth.

It is OK to be embarrassed.

Get the courage to stop being sulky.

And just tell them

"I just want you to love me."


Am I still be in the sulk?

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