I have a teacher, who teaches me important things in my life.

If I ask him questions, 

he sometimes gives me answers,

and sometimes, he says "I don't know."

and sometimes, he says "just do it, and you'll understand."

When he told me "just do it",

I used to ask him

"How much?"

"How often a day?"

"How long?"

"What will happen?"

I wanted to know what's gonna happen,

I wanted to know if I would be on the right truck,

because I didn't want to waste my time and energy.

He just says "do it, and you will know."

These days, I think it difficult to say what will happen to each person.

I teach English , and

 I can't tell them when they will be able to speak English.

I just tell them to study English at least 10min, everyday.

Students ask me "when will I be able to understand English?"

I say

 "I don't know.  Just do it. 

Then someday, you will notice what you do."

If possible, 

I would like to explain how people learn 

or what happens in a month or in two months,

step by step,

when they study English.


judging from my experiences,

each person has different experiences

even though they do the same things. 

These days

I noticed how important it is

to keep doing whatever I do

to make difference.

Explanation by language

might be interrupting our potential.

Kokoroya Reset Counselor, AIKO's Notes

I'm a counselor, and English teacher and an interpreter. This is my blog as a Kokoroya Reset Counselor, and also as one of the people who want to know how to have a happy life and freedom.