I know I'm just WONDERFUL

When you feel you are terrible person,


when you feel you are hopeless


when you feel you are stupid


when you feel people ignore you


when you made a big mistake and want to blame yourself for it

please remember 

no matter what you do, 

no matter what others say,

you are just wonderful.

Our wonderful nature can't be taken away from us 

just because we did something wrong, 


just because we feel miserable. 

It was really hard to believe for me.

I couldn't understand how I could be wonderful.

I believed that I was not good enough.

I was angry at my family, co-workers, almost everything , everyone around me.

I was not successful.

I was selfish.

I was sneaky.

How can such a person be wonderful?

That's what I felt.


Now, I understand why I am wonderful.

I noticed 

I already knew that I was wonderful


I didn't believe that I was wonderful.


I know I am stupid and selfish


I know I am just wonderful.

Kokoroya Reset Counselor, AIKO's Notes

I'm a counselor, and English teacher and an interpreter. This is my blog as a Kokoroya Reset Counselor, and also as one of the people who want to know how to have a happy life and freedom.